34  in calf British Friesians x Norwegian Red heifers.  

Due mid Feb. Calving close together. TB 4. Tel. 07876 555657

20 Incalf Jersey x Heifers

Due to calf January. Also 10 Jersey Bulling Heifers & 20 Jersey yearling Heifers Genuine reason for saleTel: 07989 922119 Camarthen


Friesian Holstein x Jersey. All bred by Omsco Dairy Farmer of the year 2016. A lovely bunch.Tel:01554773779 S.Wales

Pedigree Holstein Bull

Excellent Pedigree&ProductionTel: 01477 534090 or 07778 303133 Cheshire.


Pedigree British Friesian Bull

Genus Sire, Dam 10,000 @ 6% BF, G.Dam 6% BFTel: 01928788058 or 07751938932


Pedigree Holstein Friesians

30 In-calf heifers due Feb – May in-calf to mainly sexed semen, also bulling heifers available for sale
9750kg herd average and high fat
Herd in Scottish Premier health scheme
TB 4 area
Tel: 01461 800286 or 07849 232070

Holstein Friesian Heifers

15 In-calf Holstein Friesian Heifers, due November onwards.From 4 year TB test, closed herd. Genuine reason for sale.Tel: 07767 683822 or 01904 488262. YORK

Jersey x Friesian

21 JerseyXFriesian  incalf heifers for sale, also 6 JerseyXFreisian bulling heifers, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. email,  eifion77@hotmail.com


Pedigree Holstein Friesian Fresh Calved Heifers

Home reared fresh calved heifers from none milk producer. Cheshire, tel. 01477 571201


All ages of stock for sale from the Obelisk herd

The Obelisk herd has a range of stock for sale – all ages from calves to freshly calved heifers from their herd. Recently TB tested. Montbeliarde heifers for sale. Due to calve April, May, June.

For more information Contact:
Ed Hemming
Obelisk Farm, Hockley Heath
West Midlands
B94 5DD
07970 076840

Fresh Calved Pedigree Holsteins

Cheshire. tel. 07778303133


Holstein cows/Heifers/Calves

SZIGETI LIVESTOCK GmbH <szigetilivestockgmbh@europe.com>

We are able to supply 100% best Quality Holstein , Cattle, Cow, etc, Heifers
Also, beautiful milk type heifers with high milking output of 30 litres minimum per day.
Weight : 450 to 600 K.G
Pregnancy : 6 to 8 months
Milking Capacity : 30+ litres per day
Age : 24 to 30 months

We also have baby heifers of 3 to 8 months old.